Tuesday, October 8, 2013

62. Rawhide

When you see 'Rawhide', you will immediately think of the old TV series 'Rawhide'. When I checked it out and found that it was just north of Scottsdale in Phoenix, I had to go there.  When we arrived in Rawhide, I imagined I was in the old Wild West as it had a real cowboy town with dirt roads and horses and wagons. I was really excited. We spent a few hours there enjoying the wild west setting.
They have, however, relocated to another place, this time south of Phoenix. Its now called Rawhide Western Town at Wild Horse Pass.  If you're there, the address is 5700, West North Loop Road,  Chandler AZ.  You get the feel of a wild west town and you can even have chuck wagon cooking and with the Saguaro cactus all around.

Outside Rawhide.

Whats the Sheriff up to?

Taking a stroll in Rawhide

Part of the town of Rawhide

Another part of Rawhide

A typical street scene of the wild west

The covered wagons

The above pics show the old Rawhide north of Scottsdale.  The new Rawhide has moved to Wild Horse Pass on the Gila River Indian Community. Lots of wild west entertainment and shopping too.

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