Monday, July 15, 2013

52. Second day in Washington

It was a Sunday and we woke up early. The sun was up early and so did we as we had to catch as many sights before making our way back to Boston. We found a beautiful Church near our hotel and made our way there to attend the service. After the service and taking some pics, it was back for more sight-seeing.

Outside St. Patrick's Parish.

Me and my family with the statue of Our Lady
at St. Patrick's Parish..

Me and my wife with the statue of Our Lady at St Patrick's Parish.

Outside St. Patrick's Parish.

Time for some souveniors.

At Arlington, the famous cemetory for past Presidents.  Lots of tourists here daily.

Arlington.  The sign shows the direction to JFK's burial place.

Also in Arlington.  Note the tour buses parked there.

The huge statue of Thomas Jefferson.

Jefferson Memorial.

Outside Jefferson Memorial.

The Capitol.

We did as much sight-seeing as we could. We had to make our way back and a long drive to Boston. Washington is huge and it would take days to tour the rest of the city but we were happy with our weekend stay in Washington.
We left Washington after lunch and I enjoyed the scenic view. As we approached New Jersey, there was a very thick fog that blanketed the whole of the north-east coast from New York right up to Boston and beyond.  It was quite an experience for us but we made our way back to Boston.