Sunday, June 16, 2013

46. Connie Francis of Malaysia

I'm sure that many of you were fans of the beautiful voice of Connie Francis with hits such as 'Stupid Cupid', 'Frankie', Everybody's Somebody's Fool' and many others. Back in the 60's, we all fell in love with that beautiful voice and even danced to her songs.

We had our own Connie Francis of Malaysia during that time. Many girls sang her songs and some were even said to have the voice of the Icon but most famous of all here in Malaysia in the 60's was a girl named Rubiah Lubis.  She had a beautiful voice and sang all the Connie Francis hits with such similarity that she was named the 'Connie Francis of Malaysia'.. She appeared on RTM and also toured the country with The Fabulous Falcons.


I'm sure that many of you will remember 'Rubiah Lubis'  and watched her perform at shows throughout the country. We had the pleasure of having her on together with us during our tour. The above pic. shows Rubiah with me and The Fab. Falcons at St. John's Ambulance Hall, Ipoh.