Sunday, July 14, 2013

51. From Boston to D.C.

My son Don arranged a weekend trip to Washington together with some of his colleagues and went in two cars. It was to be an 8 hour drive south and we left at around midnight so that we could have a whole day on Saturday to do sight-seeing. I love long drives and took turns to drive with my son. We drove through Connecticut and took the coastal road and into Manhattan NY going past Harlem and got to see NY city at night. It was awesome. From there, we took the GeoWashington tunnel into New Jersey and onward to Washington DC. We arrived at around 8am to take in the sights.

My sons Don and Jay (JD).

At the Lincoln Memorial with the Washington Monument at the far end of the Reflecting Pool.

A view of the Washington Memorial.

With my son Don, in front of the White House. We could only take a pic from outside the building.

The statue of Abraham Lincoln

Visitors at the Lincoln Memorial.

Standing next to Thomas Jefferson.

These are some of the pics I took on the first day in Washington. It was quite tiring after the long drive and walking about in this vast area with all the famous buildings. The weather was rather hot that day thats why we only wore light clothing.  Felt a bit like our Malaysian weather. After having taken in the sights, we returned to our hotel looking forward to another day of sight-seeing.