Sunday, July 28, 2013

56. In Boston before returning to M'sia

Well, it has been a very enjoyable time spent with my family in Boston and also travelling to Niagara Falls, Washington and the suburbs of Boston. My son, Don, was based there so it was possible for us to spend a couple of months with him.  We returned to Malaysia with fond memories of our holiday there and it also reminded me of the song by The Bee Gees - 'Massachusetts'. Here are some more pics of our stay there.

A wet day in Marlborough, Mass.

Entering a gift shop.

A typical building in Massachusetts.

Notre Dame Cathedral

A street in Hudson, Mass.

Downtown Boston

A shrine in honour of Our Lady of Fatima
in Sturbridge, Mass.

At the compound of the Church of St Anne,
Sturbridge, Mass.

Lakeview in Massachusetts

I look forward to another visit to the U.S. with the words of the song ' Feel I'm going back to Massachusetts   by the (Bee Gees)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

55. Another Day of Sight-seeing

The next day, we woke up bright and early looking forward to another day of sight-seeing. We took a drive to Toronto which was just a short drive away from Niagara Falls. It was beautiful especially driving along Lake Ontario. They had a shopping mall called Eaton Centre and was rather surprised to see there were more Asians than locals there. After spending a few hours in Toronto, we headed back to Niagara Falls, spent the rest of the day and night  at the Falls area.
We left Niagara Falls the next morning but made a detour from Buffalo and headed to Fort Eire, a British Fort beside Lake Eire. Managed to take some pics there before continuing on our journey back to Boston.

This is another crossing point from US
to Canada at Niagara Falls.

Crossing the river via cable car

A beautiful building in the flower gardens

At Fort Eire

Also at Fort Eire

Inside Fort Eire

After touring the fort, we continued on our journey back to Boston with many beautiful memories.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

54. On to the Canadian side.

After spending some time on the American side of the Falls, we moved on across the bridge to Niagara Falls (Canada). Crossing the bridge took quite a while as there was heavy traffic heading there but once we crossed the border, we headed straight to the Falls.
The Canadian side of the Falls is really beautiful with its Horseshoe Falls being a major tourist draw. We spent the rest of the day (and night) enjoying the view and waited till the spotlights were turned on. You can really see the beauty of the Falls at night when the coloured spotlights shine on to the Anerican Falls. This is one place I would love to visit again and again.

Taking in the view of Horseshoe Falls

Part of the Niagara Falls area. This road
can be jammed packed when night falls.

Along the Niagara Falls walkway.
That ice cream cart serves one of the best.

Standing by the road. The building behind
us has coloured spotlights to shine on the Falls.

This pic was taken at night with the
coloured spotlights turned on. It was awesome looking at the display of lights.

The 'Maid of the Mist' heading to the Falls.

The 'Maid of the Mist' enters the Falls.

Heading over to look for souveniors.

Relaxing by the Falls area.

It was really great to be with my family at Niagara Falls and this one place where you can spend your whole day and night just taking in the sights.  After calling it a night, we headed back to our hotel for a good nights rest. Tomorrow will be another day of sight seeing.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

53. A Weekend at Niagara Falls

After our trip to Washington DC, we decided to go westward to Niagara Falls on another weekend. It was another 8 hour drive which we enjoyed as the scenery in Massachusetts and upper New York State was awesome. There's nothing like driving yourself and taking your time to take in the beauty of the countryside with its lakes.
The city of Buffalo is the westernmost end of NY State. Buffalo wings originated from there but we didn't try it as we were moving to the Falls, just a few miles further on. It was a beautiful morning when we arrived in Niagara Falls with perfect weather. We decided to spend some time on the American side of the Falls before heading to the Canadian side. This post will have some of the pics I took around the American Falls while the others will be in my next post.

Me and my family at the park
on the American side of the Falls.

A bridge across the river before the Falls.

It was awesome on the bridge.

Beside the American Falls with a
beautiful rainbow.

Beside the American Falls.

The American Falls.That's Canada on the other side.

Taking in the breathtaking view.

There's so much to see here and you can spend the whole day here.  We moved on to the Canadian side after spending a few hours on the American side. More pics to come in my next post.

Monday, July 15, 2013

52. Second day in Washington

It was a Sunday and we woke up early. The sun was up early and so did we as we had to catch as many sights before making our way back to Boston. We found a beautiful Church near our hotel and made our way there to attend the service. After the service and taking some pics, it was back for more sight-seeing.

Outside St. Patrick's Parish.

Me and my family with the statue of Our Lady
at St. Patrick's Parish..

Me and my wife with the statue of Our Lady at St Patrick's Parish.

Outside St. Patrick's Parish.

Time for some souveniors.

At Arlington, the famous cemetory for past Presidents.  Lots of tourists here daily.

Arlington.  The sign shows the direction to JFK's burial place.

Also in Arlington.  Note the tour buses parked there.

The huge statue of Thomas Jefferson.

Jefferson Memorial.

Outside Jefferson Memorial.

The Capitol.

We did as much sight-seeing as we could. We had to make our way back and a long drive to Boston. Washington is huge and it would take days to tour the rest of the city but we were happy with our weekend stay in Washington.
We left Washington after lunch and I enjoyed the scenic view. As we approached New Jersey, there was a very thick fog that blanketed the whole of the north-east coast from New York right up to Boston and beyond.  It was quite an experience for us but we made our way back to Boston.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

51. From Boston to D.C.

My son Don arranged a weekend trip to Washington together with some of his colleagues and went in two cars. It was to be an 8 hour drive south and we left at around midnight so that we could have a whole day on Saturday to do sight-seeing. I love long drives and took turns to drive with my son. We drove through Connecticut and took the coastal road and into Manhattan NY going past Harlem and got to see NY city at night. It was awesome. From there, we took the GeoWashington tunnel into New Jersey and onward to Washington DC. We arrived at around 8am to take in the sights.

My sons Don and Jay (JD).

At the Lincoln Memorial with the Washington Monument at the far end of the Reflecting Pool.

A view of the Washington Memorial.

With my son Don, in front of the White House. We could only take a pic from outside the building.

The statue of Abraham Lincoln

Visitors at the Lincoln Memorial.

Standing next to Thomas Jefferson.

These are some of the pics I took on the first day in Washington. It was quite tiring after the long drive and walking about in this vast area with all the famous buildings. The weather was rather hot that day thats why we only wore light clothing.  Felt a bit like our Malaysian weather. After having taken in the sights, we returned to our hotel looking forward to another day of sight-seeing.