Thursday, July 11, 2013

50. In and around Boston

I spent my time in Boston, Massachusetts with my family and especially with my elder son Don, who was based there. I would drive him to work in the mornings, and use his car to go sight-seeing and then pick him up after work. He stayed in Marlborough, a suburb of Boston and sometimes we would take a train ride (an internal rail transit like our LRT) into Boston to do a walking tour. I love trains so I enjoyed it very much. What we enjoyed most was the beautiful weather and the scenery.

Taking a break outside Fanuil Hall

Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame Cathedral.

One of their Independence memorials

Outside Bull & Finch Pub

Checking out Quincy Market with my son JD

Taking a break and enjoying the scenery

Around Boston.

These are also some pics of Boston and its suburbs. Next to come will be more pics of my trip down south in Washington DC. Look out for more pics.