Sunday, July 21, 2013

54. On to the Canadian side.

After spending some time on the American side of the Falls, we moved on across the bridge to Niagara Falls (Canada). Crossing the bridge took quite a while as there was heavy traffic heading there but once we crossed the border, we headed straight to the Falls.
The Canadian side of the Falls is really beautiful with its Horseshoe Falls being a major tourist draw. We spent the rest of the day (and night) enjoying the view and waited till the spotlights were turned on. You can really see the beauty of the Falls at night when the coloured spotlights shine on to the Anerican Falls. This is one place I would love to visit again and again.

Taking in the view of Horseshoe Falls

Part of the Niagara Falls area. This road
can be jammed packed when night falls.

Along the Niagara Falls walkway.
That ice cream cart serves one of the best.

Standing by the road. The building behind
us has coloured spotlights to shine on the Falls.

This pic was taken at night with the
coloured spotlights turned on. It was awesome looking at the display of lights.

The 'Maid of the Mist' heading to the Falls.

The 'Maid of the Mist' enters the Falls.

Heading over to look for souveniors.

Relaxing by the Falls area.

It was really great to be with my family at Niagara Falls and this one place where you can spend your whole day and night just taking in the sights.  After calling it a night, we headed back to our hotel for a good nights rest. Tomorrow will be another day of sight seeing.