Sunday, July 7, 2013

48. My Holiday in Boston and meeting Thomas

After I retired from playing music at the club scene, I took a well deserved holiday with my family. My elder son was based in Boston, Mass. and it would be perfect to spend some time with him there and have a holiday too. We went in Spring and the weather was perfect for us. I also managed to catch with Thomas Ham, my old bandmate from The Fabulous Falcons. It turned out to be a good reunion with him and he showed us around Boston and Cambridge.  I've got some pics of my stay there in Boston and the other places I visited so I'll be posting my travel pics in part.

Together with Thomas Ham and my younger son JD

Taking a break in Old Sturbridge Village. 

Me and my wife in Old Sturbridge Village.

Me and my wife in Marlboro, a suburb of Boston

In front of Walgreens in Marlboro

Quincy Market in Boston

Watching an open air performance in front of Quincy Market

Part of Quincy Market

A street in downtown Boston

The view from the balcony of my son's apartment in Applebriar.

These are some of my travel pics of Boston and I will be posting more pics soon.