Thursday, October 17, 2013

64. North to the Grand Canyon

It was another weekend and this time, we decided to drive north to see the Grand Canyon. I love the American Southwest esp Arizona because there are so many sights and places to see. The drive up north was really beautiful and I could see the scenery changing from semi desert going up to higher ground with pine forests and as it was January, some places had snow. We took Route 17 from Phoenix and took a break halfway along the route at a rest area. We got out to stretch our legs and also to take in the beautiful view at the look-out point. The drive took us to Flagstaff where we had lunch and also walk along Route 66 which passes through the town of Flagstaff. I had to see the Old Route 66 and also get some souveniors.
Then it was on to the Grand Canyon. When we arrived, we were in awe at the beauty of the canyon with its beautiful colours created by the sunlight.

Taking a break at the rest area and
enjoying the view.

Took another break to walk in
the snow filled forest.

On Route 66 in Flagstaff. Just had
to take this pic.

Another part of the Old Route 66
with the snowcapped Humphrey's Peak
in the background.

At the entrance to The Grand Canyon.

At the Grand Canyon.

Me and my boys at the Grand Canyon.

Another pic of me and my wife
at the Grand Canyon.

A view of the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
The Colorado River can be seen down there.

Another view of the Grand Canyon.

A view of the Northern Rim. Getting there
will take a few hours but as the crow flies,
it will take just a few minutes.

The Southern Rim with the Northern Rim
in the background.

We had a great time at the Grand Canyon. On our way back, we stopped over in Williams to have another look at part of the Route 66. Williams is an old town just off Route 40 and also a gateway to the Grand Canyon. You can also get to experience a ride in an old western train with Red Indians on horses chasing after the train. Real cool !!! We did not have enough time so we decided to give it a skip. Another place that we had to skip was Sedona known for its red-rock formations and new age vibrations. Perhaps I will be able to make another trip back there one day.