Tuesday, January 8, 2013

38. The Fabulous Falcons meet up again

I have been neglecting my posting on this blog for some time and I thought it would be the right moment to post this. The members of our group have gone separate ways 40 plus years ago. I moved up to KL about four years ago and managed to be in touch with Tommy Ong (bassist) who has a recording studio in PJ. It was there that I met up with our Sound Tech, Kai Leong (aka Technician) and we meet up for lunch whenever time permits. I have already retired from Govt. service 10 years ago and still keep in touch with music playing gigs for company and private functions.

On Dec. 26, 2012 (Boxing Day), Thomas Ham (Rythmn) met up with us for lunch. He lives in Boston, Mass. USA and he came back for a holiday and managed to spend some time to be with us in spite of his busy schedule here. Tommy, Kai Leong and I drove up to his in-laws' place in Subang Jaya to meet him. Its been such a long time since we all got together and we spent some time chatting about old times when we were playing in the band, and what we are doing now.

We adjourned to a cosy little cafe nearby called Daiki Cafe in Sect. 15 for lunch. Thomas told us of his collection of 100 plus guitars and one which he custom made in Martin Guitar workshop in Philadelphia.
We had a great time that day exchanging stories of our lives and hope that we could meet up more often whenever possible. It brought back fond memories of the days when we were playing together as The Fabulous Falcons. It would have been awesome if Christopher (13) was still alive but I'm sure he was there in spirit. We have all aged but still going strong and I look forward to more get-togethers with them.