Tuesday, September 17, 2013

58. Heading west to Anaheim

It was 24th December Christmas Eve and a day after we arrived in Phoenix. We had an early dinner and headed for bed to catch some sleep before starting our journey to LA with Disneyland, Anaheim on our mind. We woke up refreshed after a few hours of sleep and eagerly started our long drive. It was a beautiful night as we left Phoenix and with a clear desert sky. I have never seen so many stars in the sky and really enjoyed taking in the view while my son took the wheel first.  We took turns to drive and it was really exciting for me to see real tumbleweeds rolling across the desert. Wow! It was just as what we used to see in western movies. We took Highway 10 which was a long highway right up to LA. Driving cross country is relatively easy as these major highways take you from point to point which is city to city.
The desert here is unlike the Sahara or such as there are hills and shrubs everywhere. I have posted some pics of the early morning desert scenery as we were heading nearer to LA. We made a few stops to break journey and the morning air was really cold. I'm glad that we wore jackets to keep us warm and some warm coffee during our pit stops. Along the highway, we passed by places like Joshua Tree National Park, Palm Springs and and we could see the city lights of San Bernardino (there's also a song by this name).


Early morning scenery during our pit stop

Somewhere along the desert highway. Note the
shrubs beside the highway.

Dawn along the highway.

Highway desert scenery

The rising sun with a trucker on the highway

Finally at Disneyland!!!

I have lots of pics of Disneyland which will be in my next blog and I hope to post them soon.