Sunday, July 28, 2013

56. In Boston before returning to M'sia

Well, it has been a very enjoyable time spent with my family in Boston and also travelling to Niagara Falls, Washington and the suburbs of Boston. My son, Don, was based there so it was possible for us to spend a couple of months with him.  We returned to Malaysia with fond memories of our holiday there and it also reminded me of the song by The Bee Gees - 'Massachusetts'. Here are some more pics of our stay there.

A wet day in Marlborough, Mass.

Entering a gift shop.

A typical building in Massachusetts.

Notre Dame Cathedral

A street in Hudson, Mass.

Downtown Boston

A shrine in honour of Our Lady of Fatima
in Sturbridge, Mass.

At the compound of the Church of St Anne,
Sturbridge, Mass.

Lakeview in Massachusetts

I look forward to another visit to the U.S. with the words of the song ' Feel I'm going back to Massachusetts   by the (Bee Gees)