Saturday, June 8, 2013

45. Joe playing Dance On using an Ibanez Jem

Here's another video clip of me playing 'Dance On'. This is also one of my favourite songs by The Shadows.
Thanks for watching, guys.

44. Some pics of my days at Loggers Wine & Dine

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I will be putting up some pics of my days at Loggers Wine & Dine. I managed to find some from my collection and I'm sure that some of you will remember this place esp. my friend Jerry Arul.  He used to hang out at Loggers during those days and now, he's on the performing circuit too.

Loggers Wine & Dine used to be one of the popular pub & grill places in Ipoh at that time. It was located at a row of shops opposite the Perak Stadium.  Now, after many decades, this place is no more in existence but it still remains in my memories of the fun times back then.

I still remember doing John Denver songs and some country too besides other popular hits as customers would always request for them.  A beer feels good by my side.  Hope you guys like these pics.