Sunday, September 22, 2013

59. Disneyland, Anaheim

Yes, we are in Disneyland, Anaheim after the long drive from Phoenix AZ. It was a very enjoyable drive and still fresh and ready to take in the excitement of Disneyland.  It was early in the morning and the crowd was there already. The weather was perfect and the COFFEE was good.
We started along Main Street which had a carnival atmosphere and being Christmas day made it even better.
As it was the X'mas holidays, Disneyland was exceptionally crowded and there were long queues everywhere so in order to beat the queue, it is advisable to get the 'Fast Pass'. That way you will spend less time at the queue and be able to move on to other places. My sons went on to the Indiana Jones Ride and Tomorrowland while my wife and I went on to see other attractions.

At the Magic Kingdom

At the Magic Kingdom

Visiting Chip & Dale

At Toontown

On the Riverboat Cruise in Frontierland
'The Mark Twain Steamboat'

A mock Native American camp

Taking the gondola into the Whale's mouth
at 'Small World'

Inside the Whale and with the music 'Its a
Small World After All'

Along Main Street before taking the tram ride


Its Mickey!!!

Everybody's having a great time

Still inside the Whale

Exiting the Whale. It was a really fun ride.

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